Crafted Splints

With thousands made, digitally crafted splints
have become one of our most reliable products.
We are willing to stand behind this product with a one
year warranty. This product is hypoallergenic and because of its rigid durameter, we can manufacture a thermal flexible splint to make a more dainty appliance. Due to it’s flexibility and small size, this appliance leads to a high success rate for your patient.



The S.W.A.N oral appliance is a customized removable
appliance created for the noninvasive treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. The appliance is one of the only devices available to advance the mandible and allow for opening and closing, as well as lateral movement while maintaining a positive open airway. S.W.A.N devices help promote a deeper, more restful sleep by preventing snoring and relieving the symptoms of sleep apnea.


  • - Tru-line aligners

  • - ALF appliance

  • - Hawleys

  • - Band & Loop

  • - Hyrax

  • - Clear bow